The Wellness Box is about giving oneself the precious gift of great health - the most important thing we can give to ourselves!  Inside the box lies a personalized and customized 'healthy living plan' comprising tools and information to get you started on your own health and wellness journey - each journey being unique and filled with unexpected surprises and insights along the way.  This health coaching process will guide you away from the complicated diet matrix that consistently creates feelings of shame, desperation and inadequacy and instead, teaches one how to take back control of their health and wellness.  

Valerie Breslow is an Austin-based holistic nutritionist and health coach and the passion behind The Wellness Box.  She specializes in working with clients who suffer from food intolerances, digestive disorders and weight issues.  Valerie works closely with her clients to identify the root causes of these health imbalances and then guides them towards a more nourishing, balanced and healthful diet combined with supportive lifestyle habits and mindful rituals that nourish as well as heal the body, mind and soul.  

"Valerie's approach gave me the tools for hitting the wellness reset button in my life.  My digestive issues have been resolved and I'm blown away by how easy it was to lose the excess weight I'd been carrying around for years.  I am continually surprised at how much energy I have!  I feel like I've set the clock back thirty years!  I'm in love with my life again and am so grateful to Valerie for helping me to realize that I can finally let go of that painful diet mentality that made me feel trapped, extremely unhappy, deprived, and 'not enough.'"

Anonymous client, San Diego, CA

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